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A ‘MES’ to be adjusted: past and future treatment of Chinese imports in EU anti-dumping investigations

For decades, European Union (EU) anti-dumping laws have provided that the normal value of imports from China had to be based on prices and costs of a third country, the so-called analogue country methodology. WTO law considerations led the EU to abandon this methodology. However, Chinese imports will continue to be subject to a special treatment. The EU introduced an allegedly country-neutral methodology to adjust the normal value when significant distortions linked to government intervention are found. This methodology, which clearly targets Chinese imports, appears to be very similar to the one found to be WTO inconsistent in EU-Biodiesel.

  • Content Type Journal Article
  • Part of Volume 13, Issue 3
  • Authors
    • Renato Antonini, Partner at Jones Day
  • Journal Global Trade and Customs Journal
  • Online ISSN 1569-755X
  • Print ISSN 1569-755X

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