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Protecting the Global Fishing Workforce: New International Labor Treaty to Enter into Force

Introduction World trade in fisheries and aquaculture secures millions of livelihoods. Today seafood supply chains are highly globalized, with product...

The Badinter Commission: The Use and Misuse of the International Court of Justice's Jurisprudence

It has long been the dream of those anxious to increase the role of adjudication in international relations that the International Court of Justice (“...

How to Constitutionalize International Law and Foreign Policy for the Benefit of Civil Society?

All societies have adopted rules in order to reconcile conflicts among the short-term interests of their citizens with their common long-term interest...

Final Deposition of Losses Through the European Central Bank’s Balance Sheet

The European Central Bank (ECB)’s unlimited potential to create money and its ability to indefinitely stave off insolvency, enable it to act as a ‘Bad...

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