When Human Rights Clash at the European Court of Human Rights

When Human Rights Clash at the European Court of Human Rights Conflict or Harmony? Edited by Stijn Smet and Eva Brems Table of Contents Introduction – Conflicts of Rights in Theoretical and Comparative Perspective, Stijn SmetPart I – Genera...Read More

Invitation to the Sociology of International Law

Invitation to the Sociology of International Law aims to cast light on the under-explored sociological dimension of international law. The book emphasizes that international legal rules are profoundly embedded in diverse social factors and ...Read More

Hungarian Yearbook of International Law and European Law 2016

The Hungarian Yearbook of International Law and European Law consists of a collection of articles written mostly by Hungarian authors, covering developments in the field of international law and EU law, and progress in domestic implementati...Read More

Well-being at and through Work

“Well-being at and through Work” is a selection of the contributions presented at the Fourteenth International Conference in commemoration of Professor Marco Biagi. The Conference was held at the Marco Biagi Foundation, University of Modena...Read More

Transparency and Legitimacy in Chinese Criminal Procedure

In recent years, the legitimacy of China’s criminal justice system has been increasingly challenged by the Chinese populace, in part due to the numerous exposed miscarriages of justice. The Chinese academic mainstream as well as the politic...Read More

Implementing the Convention on the Rights of the Child in Lusophone Africa

The Comparative African Legal Studies series aims to profile research in the fields of children, youth, families, gender, disability, education and socio-economic rights. It focuses on contemporary issues in African development, with human ...Read More

The Regulation of the Non-Navigational Use of the Euphrates and Tigris River System

This book analyses the distribution and utilisation of the water of the Euphrates and Tigris river system from the perspective of international law. It shows which international treaties and provisions of international customary law regulat...Read More

In the shadow of the judge

In recent years the notion of the judge as an autonomous decision-maker has been increasingly challenged. Correspondingly, research has expanded to study the influence of various agents on judicial decision-making; however, some of these ag...Read More

The Human Rights of Migrant Women in International and European Law

The Human Rights of Migrant Women in International and European Law shows the existence of a gender bias in European norms – at both EU and domestic level – regulating migrant women’s family life and employment. It analyses the potential of...Read More

The Electronic CISG

In this book the authors engage with the interface between the rise of electronic communications and the Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods (CISG). The contributors consider the opportunities, challenges and problem...Read More

Union Policies

The new book ‘Union Policies’ offers a reader friendly solution to inquiries into a wide range of policies of the European Union. Following a historical and theoretical introduction into EU policy-making, different categories of Union polic...Read More

Balancing the Protection of Business and Employment in Insolvency

Following the economic shocks of 2007/08 a spotlight has been thrown on how best to support effective business rescue and employment protection. However, business rescue and employment protection often tend to conflict in law and policy. Em...Read More