Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises in International Economic Law

Author Information Thilo Rensmann, Professor for International, European, and Public Law, and Director, Research Center of International Economic Law, University of Dresden Thilo Rensmann is Professor for International, European, and Public...Read More


Introduction A. THE CONTEXT FOR RUSSIA’S RESURGENCE Commentary by Douglas C. Lovelace, Jr. DOCUMENT NO. 1: A Shift in the International Security Environment: Potential Implications for Defense–Issues for Congress, CRS Report No. R43838, Ron...Read More

Holocaust, Genocide, and the Law

Introduction PART I: THE LEGAL HISTORY OF THE HOLOCAUST AND GENOCIDE Chapter 1 The Holocaust: A Legal History A. Nazi Germany as a Law-Based StateB. The Nazis Come to Power Through Law C. Legal Measures Against Jews in the ReichD. War, Occu...Read More

The Dual State

The Dual State A Contribution to the Theory of Dictatorship Ernst Fraenkel E.A. Shills and Introduction by Jens Meierhenrich Author Information Ernst Fraenkel (1898-1975) was an eminent political scientist who began his professional career ...Read More

System, Order, and International Law

System, Order, and International Law The Early History of International Legal Thought from Machiavelli to Hegel Edited by Stefan Kadelbach, Thomas Kleinlein, and David Roth-Isigkeit The History and Theory of International Law Author Informa...Read More

The Oxford Handbook of Law and Economics

VOLUME 1: METHODOLOGY AND CONCEPTS 1. The Future of Law and Economics,, Gary Becker and Richard PosnerPart I. Methodology and Foundations 2. Economic Models of Law, Thomas Miceli3. Empirical Law and Economics, Jonathan Klick4. Bounded Ratio...Read More

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