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Guide To Promote The Participation Of Small And Medium-sized Enterprises In The Public Procurement Market In Montenegro

The sector of small and medium-sized
enterprises (hereinafter SMEs) represent an increasingly
important segment of Montenegrin economy and have been key
drivers of its economic growth and employment for the past
several years. With foreign direct investment, this sector
could be an important lever of economic development and the
main creator of new jobs in the future. In order to survive
and develop in the market, these enterprises have to
constantly build new competitive benefits. The same can be
built within the enterprises themselves through their
strengthening and development, but also through mutual
cooperation and linking. Because SMEs have an important role
in the economic development of each country, it is necessary
to encourage and facilitate their participation in public
procurement procedures. Taking into account the fact that
procurements merge at all levels (national and local),
special attention should be paid to get SMEs more closely
involved in the procurement procedures with contracting
authorities, subject to the application of the LPP.
Montenegro has recognized in its agenda through the strategy
for the development of the public procurement system for the
period 2016-2020 the necessity of active relationship
between the state and local self-government on the
development and encouragement of SMEs. Based on research
carried out in direct communication with the representatives
of these entities and their associations, with the aim to
assess the readiness of SMEs to adapt to future activities
in the field of public procurement, it is evident that they
are planning new investments and expansion of business. They
are ready to invest in human resources, technical,
technological and other facilities necessary for successful
business, in order to be competitive in the market. To that
end, they expect more support from the state of Montenegro
and the local community. In accordance with the orientation
and expectations of SMEs this guide is intended to encourage
the participation of SMEs at all levels in the area of
public procurement.

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