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Implementing the Convention on the Rights of the Child in Lusophone Africa

The Comparative African Legal Studies series aims to profile research in the fields of children, youth, families, gender, disability, education and socio-economic rights. It focuses on contemporary issues in African development, with human rights as a backdrop.

In this book, the author investigates the implementation of the Convention on the Rights of the Child and the African Children’s Charter in Portuguese speaking jurisdictions in Africa, which ratified these treaties more than 20 years ago. He critically analyses laws, policies, infrastructure, and oversight mechanisms established to advance children’s rights, and assesses both gains made and possibilities for improvement in areas such as juvenile justice, family law, children’s right to education, and child marriage. This book contains the first ever systematic comparative study focusing on implementation of children’s rights law by any Lusophone researcher. Its findings will be valuable for scholars as well as policy and law makers, lawyers, social workers, and NGO-practitioners.

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