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La Gouvernance Fonci Re Au Burundi Evaluation Avec Le Cadre d Analyse De La Gouvernance Fonci Re

The Land Governance Assessment Framework
(LGAF) is a diagnostic tool to assess the status of land
governance at country level using a participatory process
that draws systematically on existing evidence and local
expertise rather than on outsiders. The analysis covers nine
themes: land tenure recognition; rights to forest and common
lands and rural land use regulations; urban land use,
planning, and development; public land management; process
for transfer of public land to private use; public provision
of land information (land administration and information
systems); land valuation and taxation; dispute resolution
and review of institutional arrangements and policies. The
assessment follows a scorecard approach and produces a
matrix of policy priorities matrix. The LGAF process helps
to establish a consensus on (i) gaps in existing evidence;
(ii) areas for regulatory or institutional change, piloting
of new approaches, and interventions to improve land
governance on a broader scale (e.g. by strengthening land
rights and improving their enforcement); and (iii) criteria
to assess the effectiveness of these measures. This report
presents the result for Burundi.

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