Qatar Fund For Development Boosts UNESCO’s Heritage Emergency Fund With US $2 Million Contribution

al_nouri_mosque_iraq.jpg © UNESCO ICONEM 02 March 2018 The Qatar Fund for Development (QFFD) and UNESCO signed a new agreement this week to supplement the financing of UNESCO’s Heritage Emergency Fund (HEF) with US$2 million. “More than eve...Read More

Jurisdiction Experts Invited To Enrich UNESCO’s Draft Internet Indicators

news_020318_ottawa.jpg © May-Ann Lim 02 March 2018 UNESCO is working to develop indicators for Internet Universality, which could be useful for interested stakeholders in a country to map areas for possible improvement. But a complexity for...Read More

UNESCO Wants To Bridge The Gender Gap In The Digital Space

02 March 2018 Only 17% of biographies published on Wikipedia are about women. UNESCO aims to increase the visibility of women in the digital space by organizing a global call for contribution, the “Edit-a-thon”, on International Women’s Day...Read More

2017/2018 World Media Trends Report Now Available

news_010318_wtr.jpg © UNESCO 01 March 2018 The latest edition of UNESCO’s World Trends in Freedom of Expression and Media Development has been published and is now available online. Current developments paint a picture of both vast opportun...Read More

The Challenges Of The DarkNet Adresssed In The Philippines With The Support Of IFAP

news_010318_philippines.jpg © UNESCO 01 March 2018 The Department of National Defense, in coordination with the Department of Foreign Affairs, conducted this week a workshop on “Dealing with the DarkNet: Measures to Prevent Violent Extremis...Read More

See The Minaret Of Jam As Never Before

minaret_jam.jpg © UNESCO 27 February 2018 Situated in Ghor Province in Afghanistan, around 200 kilometers east of Herat, at the confluence of the Hari Rud and Jam Rud rivers, the Minaret of Jam’s isolated location may have prevented the mon...Read More

UNODC And UNESCO Join Up To Promote The Rule Of Law Through Education

unodc-unesco_-_rule_of_law_through_education-rawpixel-shutterstock-news.jpg Rawpixel.com/Shutterstock.com 26 February 2018 UNESCO and UNODC have announced the launch of a new partnership to provide Global Citizenship Education in response t...Read More

UNESCO And Talkmate Strengthen Their Partnership On Linguistic Diversity For Global Citizenship And Sustainable Development

news_230218_talkmate.jpg © UNESCO 23 February 2018 UNESCO and Talkmate announce the strengthening of their partnership on the development of the UNESCO World Atlas of Languages by expanding joint efforts for the organization of the 2019 Yea...Read More

UNESCO And Education Above All Foundation Join Forces To Prioritize Inclusive Quality Education

22 February 2018 Her Highness Sheikha Moza bint Nasser of Qatar, founder of the Education Above All Foundation, UN SDG Advocate and UNESCO Special Envoy for Basic and Higher Education, and Audrey Azoulay, Director-General of UNESCO, will co...Read More

UNESCO Commits To Safeguarding Lake Chad

22 February 2018 UNESCO will bring a preservation project focusing on research and the dissemination of knowledge, the rehabilitation of wetlands and wildlife corridors, and the promotion of sustainable income generating activities to the I...Read More

Director-General Calls For Investigation Into Assassination Of Journalist Pamela (Pamika) Montenegro In Mexico

22 February 2018 The Director-General of UNESCO, Audrey Azoulay, has condemned the killing of Pamela (Pamika) Montenegro, a journalist and YouTube satirist, in Acapulco (Mexico) on 5 February. “I condemn the assassination of Pamela (Pamika)...Read More

New Projects Will Explore The Geological Record To Support Sustainable Development

focus_underground_ouysse_river_causses_du_quercy_unesco_global_geopark-jffabriol.jpg © Causses du Quercy UNESCO Global Geopark/Jean-François Fabriol 21 February 2018 Seven projects that aim to provide insights on current global issues will ...Read More