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WTO Members Discuss How To Organize Work On Fisheries Subsidies Negotiations After MC11

Summing up the meeting, the chair said that members generally see merit in undertaking focused exchanges of information, linked to the negotiations, and recalled that the documents identified by ministers as the textual basis for further negotiations were member-created. He further noted that members were clear in calling for a series of meetings to be scheduled with sufficient frequency.

“Today’s discussion is encouraging in the manner members intervened and seriously considered how to implement what ministers have instructed,” Ambassador McCook said in his last meeting as chair of the Negotiating Group on Rules.

The discussion, he said, will help preparations to inform the next chair of members’ views on how to proceed.

The Chairman of the General Council, Ambassador Xavier Carim (South Africa), has initiated consultations with members to appoint officers to WTO bodies for 2018 as well as for chairs of  several negotiating groups, including the Negotiating Group on Rules. More on the process here.


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